InstFormation starts
Story on how the love for Social Media Marketing shaped our company ❤️

Hi! I am the founder of Instformation, an agency that offers high quality social media marketing services with love. The company has come a long way from chaos to efficiency. But this path could have been shorter if I realized a few things at the time:

1) We all have our limits no matter how good we are.
I came up with an idea to set up my own agency in 2017, when I was working as a marketing freelancer. I was up to any opportunity and followed the principle "when I see something, I test it." That's how I became a wide-scope professional, positive results of my work have given me first major clients. I was in charge of six accounts – all on my own, and I just didn't have time and power for each of them.It was right about time to put a team together.

2) A boss who cannot delegate is a bad boss.
Of course, a versatile expert is a good thing, but I did not do some of my tasks as well as others. I needed the team to help me with that as well. For the first time, I hired personnel, we rented an office and shared responsibilities...
But something went sideways: I started working three times more, and my efficiency was dropping. At the same time, I encountered some financial problems and had to say goodbye to my team. Now I understand that then I couldn't get rid of my freelancer habits and properly delegate tasks.

3) A new start is always better.
It felt like everything went back far, almost to the very beginning. But, in fact, it was not like that: the customers kept coming, and the experience we gained couldn't be taken by anyone. So, I started gathering up a new team. I managed to get results, but not instantly! I attracted core employees to the company, and together we managed to put our business processes, finances, and formal procedures in order. We've built a corporate culture that we're very proud of.

Now I understand how important it is to work as part of a team. I would like to express my special gratitude to my partners Elena and Yuri. The company would be very different without them, or maybe it wouldn't exist at all. Each of them has its own fascinating story that deserves its own post. This story is about how people coming from very different backgrounds have found a common ground, and I'm happy that Instformation was that ground.

4) Keep going, no matter what.
Today, Instformation is experienced in working with companies from different business spheres (including Baskin Robbins, Loreal, Novikov Group etc.). The company employs 45 people besides contractors hired for specific projects.

A lot of these things seem obvious now. Moreover, I would have done most of them in a different way. But actually, I don't regret anything, because I did it my way!